A ceasefire? Harry and Meghan want to spend Christmas in England (but no invitation)

A ceasefire?  Harry and Meghan want to spend Christmas in England (but no invitation)

Could this be the turning point for Harry and Meghan Markle to reconcile with the rest of the British royal family?

The newspaper was first tipped off by a journalist who follows the royal family Teams, Roya Nikah. According to the reporter, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “He would gladly accept an invitation to spend Christmas at Sandringham, the King’s home in Norfolk, or to spend the summer at Balmoral in Scotland.“, it can be read.

Harry is said to have called his father the King Charles IIIThe King’s 74th birthday may have been the ‘turning point’ for the yet-to-be-confirmed, alleged and alleged ceasefires.

On her birthday, the king also spoke to Markle and expressed how much she missed her two grandchildren. Archie This is Lilibet DianaAccording to the British press.

Yet, so far, and neither confirming nor denying the situation, Buckingham Palace Neither of them would have been invited.

Although relations were severed, Harry invited his father on his birthday

And, if that happens, some will welcome Harry and Meghan with open arms…

But write New York Post That is, if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are invited to visit the United Kingdom for the Christmas festivities, Not everyone will express their satisfaction with this decision.

Also, and so on telegramThe fact that the two did not attend the British Royal Family’s Christmas last year means that this year will be even better. Not possible to happen

oh Dailymail After all, he also points out that Harry’s brother, the prince, will be the main obstacle to this. William. Despite showing themselves off to the side during their grandmother’s funeral, Elizabeth IIOr at the father’s coronation, both turn their backs and continue with their ties severed.

William and Harry at Elizabeth II’s state funeral (Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Also, the New York Post The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not have a place to stay when visiting the United Kingdom, as their former residence, Frogmore Cottage, is no longer theirs. Also, they have to pay for their own security.

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