A businesswoman discovers a rare cancer when she tries to remove an “internal pimple” from her nose

A businesswoman discovers a rare cancer when she tries to remove an “internal pimple” from her nose

A businesswoman discovers a rare cancer while trying to remove an “internal pimple” from her nose; Find out the details (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

Maranhão businesswoman, Juliana Vilela, 29, faced a very difficult situation and decided to share the process on social media. Although the story spread recently, it began in the year 2023. At this time, Juliana noticed an “internal pimple” on her nose, and after feeling uncomfortable due to the bump, she decided to see a doctor. Initially, the treatment offered was cauterization.

When she realized the procedure wasn't healing as expected, she looked for other specialists, but never received an accurate diagnosis. That's when the businesswoman decided to seek help at a specialized hospital in São Paulo. However, she had no idea that the diagnosis would be a rare cancer.

“I went to several doctors, including dermatologists and plastic surgeons, and none of them reached a final conclusion. Until my mother met a friend in the supermarket, who had cancer, and this friend recommended some doctors in São Paulo. We went, but without imagining that it might be dangerous, because in the end I was fine.”She said in an interview with G1.

Since then, she has shown on social media all the steps she went through until she received her diagnosis in May 2023. “I'm a businesswoman and the owner of a women's fashion store here in São Luis. The open wound bothered me a lot, because it was so ugly. I didn't feel like doing the necessary preparations, and I didn't feel like going out, but I tried hard, because at the end of the day, we can't Stop. Women today have to put their strength and energy into what they dream of in order to achieve their goals, right? And so I did. But I was always looking for a solution to this problem, because I was already very worried.He spoke.

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When a second biopsy was performed, doctors reported that Juliana had sarcoma. This type of tumor is almost always malignant and represents about 1% of cancer cases in Brazil. Its appearance on the face is more unusual, because it usually affects the so-called soft parts of the body: muscles, fat, tendons and ligaments.

With the news, Juliana underwent a delicate surgery to eliminate all possible cancer cells, which led to the removal of the affected area of ​​her nose. In December 2023, she again faced more surgeries, this time undergoing a skin graft on her nose. The businesswoman said she had to remove skin from her forehead to reconstruct the organ.

According to the woman from Maranhão, the next step is to undergo another reconstructive surgery in April this year. Treatment will continue in São Paulo after that. She will have to go to town every 3 months for 2 years. Juliana reported that the chance of the cancer reoccurring is between 10% and 15%. However, she hopes for a positive outcome. “God has already taken care of me so far, and He will not leave my hand. He does not fail.”She announced.

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