A body found on the landing gear after the plane landed at the airport

A body found on the landing gear after the plane landed at the airport

The body of a man was found in the landing gear airplane TUI Airways, after landing at Gatwick Airport in London, the capital of England. The flight arrived from Gambia, Africa.

According to the Daily Star, the event was recorded around 4 am local time, on December 7. The police arrived at the scene immediately, and investigations still in progress.

Gambian government spokesman, Ebrima J.

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“The deceased black man was found inside the cockpit without identity documents proving his name, age, nationality or flight itinerary,” Sankare said.

He also added that corpse He was taken to the morgue for examination.

The Daily Star reports that this wasn’t the first body found in a lander this year. a little over a month ago, Airport crew From Frankfurt, Germany, reported a similar case, on a Lufthansa plane coming from Tehran, the capital of Iran.

The following passenger taped the plane’s wheel, which he was releasing during takeoff:

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