A 13-year-old girl almost lost her sight after following skin care tips she saw on TikTok

A 13-year-old girl almost lost her sight after following skin care tips she saw on TikTok

Teenager nearly went blind due to TikTok makeup tip

A 13-year-old teen almost lost her sight after following some beauty tips she found on TikTok. The girl's mother recently published the report to the British newspaper Daily Mail. According to Claire's statement, her daughter, Amelia Gregory, was hospitalized for several days after using a product that irritated her skin.

In a chat with the car, Claire explained that Amelia was following an influencer who gives skincare tips on social media. However, in one of the videos, the creator mentioned a product containing retinol, a substance used to reduce the effects of aging on the skin. The girl then started using cosmetics thinking that she could make her face brighter, but she did not know that she would have a negative reaction to it.

“Amelia ran down the stairs, red in the face and screaming in pain.”recalled the teenager's mother. “The skin on her face was peeling and had red spots. I asked her in panic what she had done and she shouted: ‘Skincare video.’ Whatever she was wearing, it had burned her skin to the point that she was bruised. I was shocked.”narrated.

The two quickly rushed to the hospital, and Amelia was examined by a specialist. He initially explained that the substance, when used in excess on young skin, could cause a burn, but it would not take long to heal. But as the days passed, the situation worsened to the point that Amelia's eyes became red and swollen.

Back in the emergency room, the girl was admitted with a bacterial infection in the tissues under her skin. “This open, scaly skin became infected and the infection spread to the left eye. At some point, it looked like it would extend to the law as well. Doctors told me the infection could cause her to lose her sight. I was horrified and couldn't believe it – all because of skin care.The mother said. Treatment to prevent the spread of infection includes intravenous fluids.

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A young man almost lost his sight due to his reaction to cosmetics (Photo: Personal Archive)

Fortunately, the procedures were successful and Amelia was discharged from the hospital. “A few weeks after leaving the hospital, we saw a dermatologist who looked under the microscope and said that although Amelia's skin had healed superficially, the deeper layers would take a long time to heal. Irreversible damage had been done and she would need to use SPF 50 sunscreen.” On her face in the summer and winter. Her skin also constantly became more sensitive and irritated. We tried several creams and each one caused pain. The doctors had to prescribe her high doses of antihistamines because she was reacting to anything that came into contact with her skin.The mother said.

After this incident, Claire explained that she decided to share the story so that other parents would not face similar situations with their children. “I thought it was normal, as all her friends are watching videos made by other teens and girls – skincare is very popular among Amelia and her friends. But be aware of what your kids are watching online, and make sure they only take care of their skin with skin-specific products.” “Young lady. As her mother, I take full responsibility for what she was seeing. But I think it is wrong to sell a cream containing retinol to children. Doctors were able to save Amelia's skin and sight, but it could have been different.”And highlighted.

Dermatologists issue a warning

Dermatologist Derek Phillips, from the British Skin Foundation, also spoke about this condition. For him, skincare videos can have downsides. “Influencers share tips and product recommendations when they don't have all the information. Furthermore, what works for one person may not work for another.pointed out.

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Phillips explained what had happened to Amelia: “Both acids and retinol exfoliate or exfoliate the upper layers of skin. When these products are combined, they can cause chemical burns—resulting in dry, red, or dark-colored, irritated, and sensitive skin. Using strong ingredients without understanding their interactions and concentrations can also cause To aggravate existing skin problems or create new ones..

He also warned that if it is necessary to use retinol, the product should only be purchased with a prescription and under medical supervision.

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