7 Movies You Can Watch On Netflix While Waiting For 365 DNI 2

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There is a long wait for the movie 365 days 2. The first production conquered a huge crowd, with an overwhelming love for the heroines and with hot scenes of action.

The plot of the second film should answer some of the questions and loose ends left by the script, in addition to revealing the fate of the character Massimo Torricelli and Laura Belle.

It continues after the announcement

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While 365 days 2 Not enough, we have ripped you off from the production fanatic list of movies from Netflix Which also contains overwhelming states and hot moments.

Check out the list:

Newness tells the story of a couple who, in order to break out of routine and routine, try to enter into an open relationship and this has many consequences for both of them.

Not only is the movie worth watching for the hot scenes, which are actually many, but the script manages to effectively explore modern relationships and their emotional implications for people.

Wild Instinct is a classic and can’t be left off the list. The film tells the story of a policeman who is drawn to the main suspicion of committing a murder.

The movie is from 1992 but the sex scenes are very well done, the action is great as well as the suspense, the intentions of the hero are not very clear and the result is exciting.

Zoe’s Secret Life tells the story of a married woman with three children, who begins to find it difficult to hide her sexual impulses, and this has dire consequences for her.

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This movie on the list is perhaps the most similar to 365 DNI, not because of the script, but because of the amount of exciting scenes that take place throughout the film, it is without a doubt one of the most exciting in the catalog. Netflix.

Jovem Aloucada tells the story of a Chilean woman who grew up in a religious family, and her website is a blog in which she tells her sexual adventures.

The movie is really hot from start to finish, but it’s strange how the script manages to tackle an ethical young woman, who ends up plunging into an existential crisis.

Amar’s movie tells the story of a young couple who love each other and want a lot, and for them love is the most important thing in their lives. However, much of the severity ends up going beyond the limits.

The work contains very exciting scenes that are full of emotion because the chemistry between the heroes helps a lot. The plot is true when talking about an abusive relationship, which indicates that after certain actions the relationship ceases to be healthy.

Branquinha tells the story of a young college student in New York who falls in love with a drug dealer and when she is caught, she does everything to get him out of prison.

The sex scenes in the production are done very well, but the work also draws attention to its dramatic side, there is a sad atmosphere in the obsessive and self-destructive love that the protagonist feels.

Dry Martina tells the story of an Argentine singer who has succeeded in the past. Her life is monotonous, until her missing sister searches for her, and the singer becomes obsessed with her boyfriend.

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The movie is full of spicy scenes and it is interesting to see how desire grows and becomes uncontrollable between the characters. The story of the hero is also interesting and has a good dramatic charge.

365 days 2 It does not have a release date yet.

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