6 thousand Brazilian reals! Anyone who disturbs co-workers on vacation is fined

6 thousand Brazilian reals!  Anyone who disturbs co-workers on vacation is fined

An Indian company decided to select a file Traffic fine In the amount of 6200 Brazilian reals to employees Annoy colleagues who are on vacation. The idea has been supported by many who believe in the right to complete rest, without receiving letters, emails or any kind of communication about work during the days off.

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The decision is made by the company Dream 11. The developer of electronic games explained that he decided to adopt the fine as a way to ensure that the days off are respected. According to the co-founder of the company, once a year employees who go to rest are completely disconnected from the work regime so as not to be disturbed.

Fine for employees

In practical terms, this means that during the entire period the employee is on vacation, they are disconnected from Slack, company email, and cannot receive any type of call or other form of communication to discuss work matters.

According to the company, the goal is to really help a person get the rest they deserve. In addition, for the company, it is another way to evaluate employees by understanding the importance of each person in the team.

With the fine imposed on employees who interfere with their colleagues’ vacations, Dream11 believes it will help employees “unplug” from the activity they are performing, returning them with greater desire and satisfaction after the holidays.

Unlimited vacation

Many companies around the world are looking for ways to ensure happiness of collaborators. In the United States, for example, some have specified unlimited vacations. That is, a person decides how much time he needs, without any specific limit.

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Measures have been tested to ensure a more calm, relaxed disposition and loyalty to employees. After all, with all technology, it is necessary to create some restrictions so that work is not carried home even in moments of rest.

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