6 Books Every CEO Has Read and You Should Know Too

6 Books Every CEO Has Read and You Should Know Too

Amidst the whirlwind of literary titles, there is an exclusive collection of books Which the greatest CEOs consider essential to the path to success.

See below what these inspiring works are and discover the ideas and lessons that have shaped extraordinary paths.

6 books recommended by today's greatest CEOs

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1. “The Evacuation Room” by Carolina María de Jesus

Daniel Silveira, CEO of Avon, highlights the book as a poetic work that depicts the life of a marginal woman, showing potential and talent in the midst of adversity, as well as a reflection on education in Brazil.

2. “Lugar di Falla” by Jamila Ribeiro

Adriana Arolho, CEO of SAP Brasil, talks about the book by highlighting inequality and providing a historical analysis of the black feminist movement, providing a deep understanding of the social context. Brazilian.

3. “Strengths-Based Leadership” by Tom Rath and Barry Conchi

Google CEO Fabio Coelho highlights that the book was crucial to his presidential journey, highlighting the need to value differences, create inclusive environments, and celebrate diversity to build effective teams.

4. “Adams the Obvious” by Robert R. Updigraph

João Pedro Resende, CEO of Hotmart, suggests accessible reading that motivates you to continue exploring the world of reading.

5. “The Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl

Raffaella Bassetti, CEO of Wishe, highlights the importance of action by addressing the importance of purpose in maintaining focus and positivity, especially in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, which are common elements in leading businesses.

6. “The Stranger” by Albert Camus

It is a book highlighted by Claudio Angus, of Fundação Iochpe, as a crucial work for increasing understanding of disparate ideas, and providing an essential skill for leading a team.

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Anjos also highlights the work of “Torto Arado” as essential reporting to understand Relations Post-slavery social issues, addressing topics such as mistreatment in employment relationships, ethical harassment, and the importance of including diversity in corporate agendas.

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