56th Attack Brigade: The fearsome Russian elite battalion that puts Ukraine on high alert

Attributed to him, France Press agency

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The brigade consisted, among others, of a battalion of tanks

Russian tanks and forces put eastern Ukraine on high alert.

Since the end of March, the Kremlin has sent thousands of soldiers and heavy artillery to the Donbas region, the unstable region where the 2014 war broke out, which left more than 14,000 dead and is far from over.

But the military disintegration that triggered the warnings of the Western military alliance of NATO (NATO) is not limited to this region: Moscow has also reinforced its regiments in the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014.

Among the large group of more than 42,000 soldiers that were sent to the region in less than three weeks, it is one of the most legendary combat battalions.

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