5 flawless hairstyles to leave the salon looking 30

5 flawless hairstyles to leave the salon looking 30

5 haircuts for women to shine and look 30 years younger

On Tuesday night (02), TV Foco collected 5 perfect hairstyles for women aged 60 to 80 to rock this New Year. Furthermore, these styles bring a lot of youth to these women, who are often about 30 years younger when they leave the salon.

Naturally, by cutting their hair and feeling younger, women feel better, with more self-esteem and more confident.

See our list of 5 infallible haircuts to leave the salon 30 years younger:


It reaches the collarbone and has a sloped front, making it a very effective cut in the mission of rejuvenation and even fashion-forward, after all, this cut will be with everything in 2024.

Clavicut (Image: Reproduction/Internet)

Inverted bob:

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In this case, it is a layered cut, with a modern end result and very similar to a heart shape, in that it has some larger ends and some smaller ends in the back, slightly mimicking a heart around the head.

Inverted bob (Image: Reproduction/Internet)
Inverted bob (Image: Reproduction/Internet)


The haircut has a straight base and neck length, as in its more traditional version, but it also has a lot of volume at the roots of the hair. Moreover, it is suitable for more mature people.

Bob (Image: Reproduction/Internet)
Bob (Image: Reproduction/Internet)

Gradient pixie:

It is very suitable for wavy hair, it helps to refresh the image. It is worth noting that this style has grown a lot and in 2024 it will be very popular among women.

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Genie Sizing (Image: Reproduction/Internet)
Genie Sizing (Image: Reproduction/Internet)

What is your latest haircut?

The latest haircut that helps women aged 60 to 80 look younger is… Short pixieIt is a style that gives an air of modernity and elegance, in addition to helping to compensate for the measurements of square faces.

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