5 errors that hinder results

5 errors that hinder results

Bodybuilding isn’t just about pushing and pulling weights, it requires planning

September 9
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Five mistakes that can affect your training results

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Let’s know What not to do in the gym It’s the first step to avoiding accidents, staying away from injuries, and actually achieving your goals. In other words, for those who want to lose weight, increase muscle mass, or improve their health, this is a crucial factor.

Although it may seem simple, knowing what not to do in the gym can be a real conundrum for some people. Obviously, you should not perform new exercises without the help of a professional. But, in addition, there are some specific behaviors that can slow down your muscle growth.

So with the help of the coach Leandro TwainIn this article, we’ve broken down five mistakes that hinder your results in the gym. paying off:

What not to do in the gym

1. Heating is not appreciated. “I see a lot of people warming up by rotating their arms or even running on a treadmill. For bodybuilding, the best warm-up is a spot warm-up with some kind of intensity (if there’s no intensity, there’s no warm-up). So the person who can Performing a bench press with a weight of 100 kg, it is not possible to warm up with only a barbell, because this will not provide any significant stimulus, so the warm-up must be done with at least 30% to 50% of the load. It is usually used and many repetitions,” says Twin.

2. Ignore small pains. “Do you know when we are going to perform an exercise and feel a slight pain that quickly disappears? Do not ignore this under any circumstances. I always emphasize this to my students. After the warm-up, it may be imperceptible, but there may be some small injuries, which when “Ignoring it in heavy training, it becomes a major injury.”

Without laziness

3. “Forgetting” the calf. “I’ve asked my students about leg training and the answer is about 4 or 5 thigh exercises and only one leg exercise. In fact, the calf should be treated as a separate muscle, so it needs at least 12 to 20 sets per week,” she recommends. Twin.

4. Don’t focus on weak muscles. “This is a big mistake! Not everything that is big is beautiful, so the ugly figure that grows looks ugly. Always look at your weak muscles and focus on them,” the trainer advises.

5. Forget the sides of the shoulder. “When we train the chest, the front shoulder is trained a lot, and when we train the back, the back shoulder is also trained a lot. The side part of the deltoid needs to be stimulated in a more isolated way, so focus on that. A large shoulder girdle is essential to have a beautiful shape.” , concludes Twain.

Check out three more mistakes that could invalidate your training results:

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