4 toxic substances that you use without knowing it in your daily life

4 toxic substances that you use without knowing it in your daily life

the term “Toxic“Refers to substances or elements that have the potential to cause harm or damage to health or harm living organisms. These substances, known as toxic agents, can act in various ways, such as damaging cells, interfering with normal biochemical processes, or triggering negative reactions In the body.

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In this sense, toxicity can vary in degree, from mildly irritating to extremely harmful or fatal. Assessing and understanding toxic effects is critical to safety in a variety of fields, including industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, and natural environments.

4 toxic substances found in the home

But did you know that in our daily lives we are surrounded by things that can be toxic and sometimes we don't even realize it? correct! Find out below four items we use daily that are toxic.

1. Toxic materials in the kitchen: non-stick pans

Although they are lifesavers in the kitchen, non-stick pans can pose health risks. When heated, these tools release aluminum, which is a toxic metal when ingested.

This is because the steam generated by heating can cause temporary symptoms of malaise, known as polymer smoke fever. Therefore, it is recommended to wash them well and replace worn ones over time.

2. Repellents and sprays

Products that keep insects away may contain harmful ingredients, such as organophosphates, found in pesticides and other chemicals. These compounds, also known as plasticizers, are easily absorbed by the skin and can cause harm to human health by affecting essential neurotransmitters. Therefore, caution is advised when using these products to avoid inhaling them.

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3. Toxic substances that come into the house from the street: bills

Simply folding the bill may not just be a habit, it is also a matter of hygiene. Many of these banknotes are printed on thermal paper, covered with a thin layer of powder containing bisphenol A (BPA). This organic compound is associated with a greater tendency to allergies. In other words, the BPA in banknotes can be absorbed through the skin, which makes it important to handle it with caution.

4. Perfumes and body fresheners

Finally, perfumes that make life more fragrant may contain harmful chemicals. Many people develop allergies or feel strong Headache Because of the formulations of these products. Therefore, reading labels carefully is essential to identify potential allergens, ensuring that the pleasure of smelling good does not compromise your health.

Therefore, amidst our hectic routine, it is essential that we are aware of the toxic substances that are a part of our daily life and that can hide potential health risks. Ultimately, adopting preventative practices, such as reading labels and replacing worn-out tools, contributes to a healthier and safer lifestyle.

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