31-year-old American sets a record with the largest mouth in the world; Watch the video

Last week, a resident of Connecticut, USA, was recognized as the woman with the largest mouth in the world, according to record records. Samantha Ramsdale, 31, went viral on social media due to the size of her mouth – there is 6.52 cm of lateral opening, according to the official Guinness World Records measurement.

Ramsdell, who maintains a very active TikTok profile, said the idea to sign up for record books came from his followers. The American said in an interview with record book organizers that knowing she had hit this record made her look at a trait that made her otherwise unsafe. “Being 31 and being able to get a record for something that made me so insecure, that I tried to hide it, it’s great because it’s now one of my best things,” Ramsdale said.

During her childhood and adolescence, she stated that she suffered several bouts of bullying by other children who called her “fish mouth” among other bad nicknames. “If I can advise anyone who has a unique feature and wants to try scoring, do it! Do it with pride. This is your superpower, what makes you special and different from the rest.” On her social media profile, Ramsdale makes jokes and challenges that involve On the size of her mouth, she collected more than 1.7 million people. Latest even the record holder reacted to videos of Isaac Johnson, who earned the same recognition for being the man with the biggest mouth in the world.

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