3000 alligators “move” with the sound of the helicopter and an unusual reaction that attracts attention

3000 alligators “move” with the sound of the helicopter and an unusual reaction that attracts attention

A low-profile helicopter flight ‘excites’ 3,000 crocodiles on a farm in Australia

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Crocodiles and helicopters. This unusual combination resulted in a scene that the owners of a reptile farm in Queensland, Australia, will never forget, as 3,000 saltwater crocodiles participated in an “orgy,” excited by the noise of a plane that flew near the breeding site. According to experts, the sound of helicopter blades acts as an “aphrodisiac” for the reptiles.

John Lever, owner of the Korana Crocodile Farm, says that the reptiles take advantage of the stormy season to mate, associating rain and thunderstorms with the breeding period. However, it is not uncommon for reptiles to confuse the sound of helicopters with the sound of thunder and become excited, he says.

However, due to a strong storm that hit the northeastern region of Australia, the crocodiles at Lever Farm went crazy when a military helicopter flew low, passing so the crew could photograph the animals. The breeder said that as soon as the plane left, the reptiles began to “celebrate.”

“All the big males stood up and roared and screamed into the sky, and after the helicopters left they mated like crazy,” Lever told Australian Radio. ABC Far North. ““There’s something about the sound waves that really shakes them.”

Ecologist Cameron Baker, from Charles Darwin University, explains that crocodiles’ passion for storms occurs because their breeding period coincides with the rainy season in the region. Noise is how reptiles communicate.

“The current hypothesis is that they use these low, deep calls, generated by their whole body vibration,” Becker says, which reinforces the fact that crocodiles can also mistake the noise and air pressure generated by helicopters with the noise of other males. Generate a “race” to ensure reproduction.

Unrestricted breeding of crocodiles is also profitable for the farm owner, who currently produces about 2,000 eggs per year. Of these animals, 1,200 develop into new animals every year.

Crocodile without A crocodile without a “mouth” and other animals had a second chance after rescue

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