3 series and a film from the exciting director of “The World After Us”

3 series and a film from the exciting director of “The World After Us”

Audience success Netflixthe movie The world after us It accompanies a strange kind of apocalypse. In the story starring Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali, Ethan Hawke, and Mihala Herold, two families find themselves stranded in a vacation home when New York is hit by a power outage — which slowly turns out to be something much worse. The production is adapted from the book by American Roman Allam, which is one of his creations Sam IsmailA director and screenwriter who is passionate about science fiction stories and observes the effects of technology on daily life. Check it out below

I’ve been thinking about you right now

In his first feature film, Ismail bets on a romantic story involving the concepts of parallel universes, while flipping the chronological order by showing the ups and downs of the relationship over the course of six years. It was also his first work with actress who became his wife, Emmy Rossum. The film is available for purchase and rent on the streaming platform Reserva Imovision.

Mr. Robot

The popular series ran for four seasons, and follows the life of a programmer who works in cybersecurity by day and becomes a hacker by night. The production starred Rami Malek, who is responsible for putting Sam Esmail on the map of promising directors and screenwriters. The series, which previously existed entirely on Amazon Prime Video, was recently released, and can currently only be watched through OiPlay – and by those who have kept the DVD box set.

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Starring Julia Roberts in season one and Janelle Monáe in season two, this thrilling production blends the atmosphere of paranoia with the moral dilemmas of science by following the story of a psychologist who works with traumatized soldiers. The series is on Amazon’s Prime Video.

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The series also stars Julia Roberts, and follows the Watergate taping scandal from the perspective of supporting characters, but is essential to the event that toppled then-US President Richard Nixon (1913-1994). The series is set in 1972, written by Robbie Pickering, the screenwriter of Mr. Robot, produced by Ismail, is a duo that here examines human hypocrisy and how the few technological advances have already shown their ability to change history. Gaslit Available on Starz Lionsgate+.

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