3 new games are now available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog – July 14th

3 new games are now available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog – July 14th

We’re wrapping up the second week of July and we’re already looking forward to what games Microsoft has prepared to bring to Xbox Game Pass in the coming months. And thanks to previous Xbox Games Showcase/Extended events and other separate announcements, we knew the catalog would be receiving great entries, whether they’re published or premiere.

But before all these titles arrive, we can already get our hands on it Three new titles have arrived recently. The first is exoprimalA futuristic multiplayer story from Capcom. followed by Naraka: Bladepointwhich after being free-to-play, returns to Xbox Game Pass with the Deluxe Edition for subscribers, and the standalone game General .

Below you’ll find the download link, along with a video and description of each one:


The online co-op action game that puts humans’ most advanced defense technology, exoskeletons, to the test against the most formidable foes in history: the dinosaurs. In Cretaceous Tide’s main campaign mode, two teams of five players compete in a variety of missions as they play against each other and with the environment to progress through the story.

Naraka: Bladepoint – Deluxe Edition

Immerse yourself in the mythology of the Far East in Naraka: Bladepoint; Team up with your friends in fast-paced melee combat for a unique Battle Royale experience. The title is now free to play, but Xbox Game Pass members receive a free switch to the new Deluxe Edition, as well as many other in-game rewards.


Common’hood is a community building and economic management game with customizable building tools. Scavenge for materials, grow your own food, research new technologies, craft new tools, build a house and make friends. Build your community and lead it from survival to prosperity.

If these suggestions interest you, download to play but remember that new games are arriving soon in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, because in July more are on the way.

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