28 people are left upside down after a carousel malfunctions

28 people are left upside down after a carousel malfunctions
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The carousel was returned to its original location with the help of park engineers

A problem with a carousel at a park in Oregon, US, left 28 people upside down for half an hour. They were rescued and evacuated after the game was stopped.

One person was hospitalized due to a previously diagnosed illness. As a precaution, she was transferred to medical care. The other 27 were unharmed.

The attraction system, called AtmosFEAR, has been in operation since 2021. It is a type of pendulum, which swings passengers when they are completely upside down.

The ride takes place in Oaks Park, according to the Associated Press. The carousel stopped and park staff called emergency crews, who arrived about 25 minutes later.

Park engineers were able to right the carousel minutes after firefighters arrived, who said they would perform a rescue with high-angle ropes if the ride did not return to its initial position.

According to Oaks Park, the carousel will remain inactive until they understand the reason for the discontinuation.

“We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the first responders and our staff for acting promptly, resulting in a positive outcome today, and to the rest of the park’s visitors who quickly followed instructions to evacuate the park to make way for emergency responders to respond to the situation,” the park said.

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