20 kg of feces is removed from the woman’s intestines and doctors believe it to be a snake

20 kg of feces is removed from the woman’s intestines and doctors believe it to be a snake

A woman, identified as Hua, 53, had a piece of stool weighing more than 20kg and nearly 1 meter long, surgically, removed from her intestines. The operation was performed at the First Hospital of Zhejiang University located in the east of the People’s Republic of China China.

A woman has had a tube removed from her intestines resembling a snake – Image: Twitter/Social Networks/Reproduction/ND

Hua says she has had constipation problems for years and can no longer walk or get out of bed because of the severe pain and cramps that, in addition to her very swollen belly, felt like she was pregnant with a snake.

She would do everything, with many procedures and many medications, including laxatives, but it was of no use. And the condition worsened 10 days ago, as his breathing became difficult due to the accumulation of feces.

Upon her arrival at the hospital, the doctors thought she was pregnant and she was taken to the operating room. After removing the fecal mass, experts determined that pressure had been placed on the woman’s organs.

The Daily Star reports that hospital reports revealed that doctors had prescribed macaroni The stool is “snake-like”.

Doctors also diagnosed that Hua was born with a birth defect that causes her enteric neurons to underdevelop, called Hirschsprung’s disease, and it causes stool to move very slowly or even get stuck as it moves through the intestines.

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