10-year-old boy launches petition for Apple to change ‘nerd’ emoji

10-year-old boy launches petition for Apple to change ‘nerd’ emoji

One Ten year old boy I even started a campaign Apple changes emoji design Referring to nerds. This is Teddy, one of the residents oxfordshirewho started a petition with the aim of convincing Apple to implement the change to its set of emojis.

The BBC even interviewed the boy and he expressed his grave concern about the situation. According to Teddy, the emoji is seen as “offensive and insulting” to people who wear glasses. The drawing in question is of a face with big glasses and big teeth, suggesting a more classic “nerd” look.

The boy also commented:

It makes me feel sad and upset, and if I find it offensive, there will be thousands of people around the world who will find it offensive too.

The boy’s idea to start the campaign came from a text conversation with his cousin, an opportunity during which he had to better monitor the appearance of emojis. In doing so, he shared the details with a teacher, who encouraged him to start an online petition, as well as praising him for his curiosity.

Teddy was also keen to suggest a change for Apple to replace the current look of emojis. In this case, the new face has differences in the frame of the glasses and no longer shows its teeth. In the boy’s words:

It has thin lenses and thin frames… and it has a smiley face instead of those horrible rabbit teeth.

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