10 peaceful environmental activists spend Christmas in jail in the UK

10 peaceful environmental activists spend Christmas in jail in the UK

Anti-environmentalists arrested for blocking public roads in London, Manchester and Birmingham

Eighteen environmental activists were arrested in the UK, ten of whom spent Christmas in jail. Peaceful protesters were sent to jail for disrupting court proceedings, blocking roads and, in one case, boarding a plane.

Team members Isolate Britain They claim to have spent 23 hours in jail a day. Some of them face up to six months in prison for contempt of court for violating roadblocks and other criminal prohibition orders.

Throughout September, environmentalists blocked several major roads in London, Manchester and Birmingham about 19 times, angering drivers and police.

The brutal treatment of police officers is seen as a result of orders from the British government to suppress the right to protest.

Earlier this month, environmental activists in Rome were also arrested and mistreated by drivers for protesting the government’s lack of stance on environmental development. The demonstration put pressure on the local administration to come up with new measures to address the impact Climate crisis.

Climate crisis is an expression used to highlight the planet’s environmental conditions associated with climate change. These changes are variations in global temperature, precipitation, and cloud cover.

London activists say they will continue peaceful protests until the British government approves Britain’s plan to save energy-efficient homes by 2030.

Participants in arrested demonstrations decide that although detention in support of the environment is an issue, they do not repent and will do it again. According to some, they felt they had done the right thing.

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One of the protesters, Ben Taylor, was sentenced by the jury to six months in prison and, if released, will recapture the same roads he went on before.

One of the representatives of another activist group, Freedom, Emphasizes that protest is a human right, not a gift given by the government to the people. He says the legal and police treatment of protesters in anti-environmental protests is a way of threatening them peacefully.

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