10 myths and facts about sleep

10 myths and facts about sleep

Therefore, if a sleepwalker is in a dangerous situation, for example, it is important to wake him or her up. It is desirable not to scream and frighten the person, but rather to wake up light and calm, knowing that he may be confused.

9. Sleeping naked is better and better for you: Indecisive

Some benefits are associated with sleeping without clothes, such as better control of body temperature and better ventilation of the intimate area, especially in women. despite of, Nakasato For people to sleep well, he remembers, they need to be comfortable. “So it doesn't matter if you're naked or wearing pajamas, as long as you feel comfortable,” he adds.

10. Some people have dreams that may be warning: myth

Science does not prove the existence of ominous dreams. “Dreams are usually a manifestation of the subconscious mind and life experiences, but if you dream of numbers from… Sina Mega Accumulated, I will definitely do something with these numbers,” the doctor joked Nakasato.

Sources: Alexander Akio Nakasatootolaryngologist from the University of the South Pacific Medical School and the Brazilian Society of Otolaryngology and Cervical and Facial Surgery, specialist in sleep medicine with a title awarded by the Brazilian Medical Association of Renowned Knowledge, physician at the Hospital das Clinicas of the University of the South Pacific Medical School; Cecilia Gamaneonatologist and integrative and humanistic pediatrician, graduated from Unifeso – Faculty of Medicine of Teresópolis, with a postgraduate degree in Integrative Pediatrics (Isbrae-SP); Lillian Obermana nutritionist with a 15-year specialist title from ABRAN (Brazilian Society of Dietetics), postgraduate degrees in corrective molecular practice and integrative medicine (FAPES), and in longevity science and psychiatry from Einstein.

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